Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zin burger - Garden state plaza, Paramus, NJ

 Really?  Yet another new gourmet burger joint!  Its amazing how many of these seemingly endless new gourmet burger restaurants can manage to screw things up...not Zinburger.
Energetic, modern, and upbeat, Zinburger offers a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers, salads and sides, shakes and desserts, and a selection of beer and wine.  The setting is sleek, contemporary, featuring rich wood and earth tones and stylish, comfortable seating.

We were impressed from the start with attentive, friendly service.  Instead of buzzers, the hostess keeps you up to date via text messages, which provide updates as to wait time, and let you know when your table is ready.    While the menu is full of a great selection of burgers, what we loved was that any substitution is possible, alternatively you can create your own burger.

We were starving after a movie, and were quick to get in our order.  First came the onion rings, which are served in a basket with barbecue sauce.   The rings are not too thick, and were perfectly crispy, and delicious on their own.

Our burgers were quick to follow.  They are served on a brioche like bun that was very soft, and was not oversized relative to the burger.  This is a subtle detail that is often overlooked.   In our humble opinion, the bun is perhaps the most important part of the burger. You are given a choice of angus or kobe beef for each burger (a $5 upcharge). For our first visit we decided to try the angus. The double cheeseburger came with two 3.5 oz patties, minced onions and cheese.  The inclusion of 1,000 island sauce made for a high end Big Mac minus the sesame seed bun!  It was absolutely delicious, and as I type this, I crave another bite, and am seriously contemplating going back for dinner tonight.  Christine had the Zinburger, which came with manchengo cheese and Zinfandel braised onions. She loved it, and devoured every bite. 

  This is a great place for a date, a family dinner, or to watch a game.  The service was great, as everyone was attentive and friendly. I can't wait to go back and try the hand cut fries!

Xteve rating: 4.0 ****
Website : Zinburger

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