Friday, February 13, 2015

Brazilian Lemonade

I know green is not the most appropriate color for the season yet. But I like my limes all year around. That refreshing flavor that instantly reminds you of warm weather. Mmm..So good.

Limeade or lemonade, whatever you want to call it is not a pretty pink drink that is appropriate for Valentine's day which is tomorrow. But we already had our fair share of homemade strawberry milk as we had little guests this week. Blend milk, strawberries and a little honey if you prefer sweetened. Strain it if you want smoother texture. My tot and I indulge it time to time.

Anyway, back to the Brazilian lemonade, one thing I don't understand is, why is it called Brazilian lemonade not limeade?? Except Chef Bobby Flay's recipe, everyone else seems to call it Brazilian lemonade. But whatever it is called, I liked the look of it, sound of it and when I actually tried it, I fell in love with it! This is definitely going to be served a lot once the weather gets warm and we have guests outside. 

If you're familiar with Asian drinks, you'd know what Yakult is. It's probiotic drink that is sweet and tangy. I used to love it growing up. This drink reminds me of Yakult as it has this refreshing fruity flavor yet, sweet and creamy with condensed milk. As I am writing this post, I hear the roofing guys cleaning the ice and the frozen snow due to so much snow and freezing temperature this winter, I am dreaming of sipping this refreshing drink sitting out in the patio on a perfectly sunny day. Can't wait for spring to come!

Brazilian lemonade

Ingredients :

4 limes, washed thoroughly
6 cups water
1 cup sugar
6 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk

Directions :

1. Mix water and sugar until sugar's dissolved. Chill in the fridge.

2. Cut the ends of limes and cut each lime into 8 pieces. 

3. Add 2 limes and half the sugar water to a blender and pulse 5-6 times. Pour it out through a cheesecloth or a fine mesh over a pitcher. And do the same for the rest of the sugar water and limes. 

4. Add condensed milk and stir well. Serve over ice. 

*Recipe by Playz with food

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