Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aoyama - Wyckoff, NJ

This has been waiting for a long time to be posted. We like this restaurant a lot but because we've been here so many times, it just slipped out our minds. Plus, as Steve's schedule has been insane, restaurant reviews didn't have a chance to see the light. So..again, I am jumping in. 

This is a Japanese/French Thai place. What makes me wonder every time is though, they give you papadum as you are seated. It's already Japanese/French Thai and Indian appetizer is served? Well..don't get me wrong, I love papadum, I am not complaining. I just think it's a bit all over the place. Shrimp crackers would seem more of an appropriate choice but oh well, it tastes good.
Wonton sushi taco. OMG, I absolutely love these. Super crispy wonton wrapper with perfectly seasoned sashimi tartar. You can choose types of fish you like and the sauce. One time I went there by myself and devoured two orders of these little guys and people around me just stared while pretending they weren't. Did not care a bit and I enjoyed every bite of it. This is my go to appetizer at this place. 
Chicken wings. We do not like. A little on the dry side and tasteless. We couldn't remember whether we liked it or not and decided to try and the answer is we did not like it the first time, and the second time either. Steve's go to appetizer at a Thai place is vegetable spring rolls but this place only has shrimp spring rolls and when the owner came by, we very nicely suggested if vegetable spring rolls are added to the menu, we would come more often. And he was very stubborn trying to push his opinion on us. So Steve mentioned another French Thai restaurant right across the street, saying we sometimes choose to go there only because of the vegetable spring rolls(very important. =P), which is a shame as we love the food here. Then the owner sort of bad mouthed about the restaurant we mentioned. Not a very good way of dealing with a situation like this. 

Beef pad see ew. It's good. To my taste, second best in town. 

Sukiyaki. WAY. TOO. SWEET. It's like eating noodles with syrup. I have ordered various items on the menu, they're generally very good. Any Japanese noodle items they have on menu though, not good enough to my taste. Ramen- tasteless. Sukiyaki- eat only if you want to get a cavity. Nabeyaki Udon- bleh. Yakiudon- alright. Sushi quality is very good though. If you're going Japanese at this restaurant, just avoid noodles. Thai is generally pretty good. 

Overall, we like this restaurant a lot. It's a pretty big restaurant with lots of tables and a pretty decent size sushi bar. Atmosphere is great. Staffs are professional. One complaint other than their Japanese noodles is, vegetable spring roll is such a staple appetizer at a Thai restaurant, I wish they put it on their menu so I can come here more often. Steve sometimes insists on going somewhere else because he really likes vegetable spring rolls. Haha. 

 Xteve rating : 3.0 *****

Website : Aoyama- Wyckoff

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