Friday, August 8, 2014

Sparkling mint limeade


The other day, Steve stepped out to get a haircut. And...over two hours later, he was still not home. Then he came home with a fresh haircut and a full on manual citrus juicer. You know the one with the heavy handle? Uh..what?! Right? Haha. That is so Steve. Even back in the apartment in Manhattan, our little kitchen was filled with all kinds of kitchen gadgets. Apparently there was a little wait at the hair salon as he didn't make an appointment and while he's waiting he just decided to go to a store next door and ended up with a citrus juicer. I laughed and called him silly but I guess it wasn't a bad decision after all. I used this thing every single day this week. So..good job hun!

 With mint from our herb garden, I made mint simple syrup. I love mint simple syrup. It has such refreshing taste to it and gives nice summery hint to anything. I thought this drink would be too sour for kids but my tot and my niece loved it. Well my tot has been drinking my virgin mojito(Just sparkling water with lime and mint)-which became his favorite drink later on- since he was 14 months old or so. I knew he would love this but my picky niece? I was surprised. I watered theirs down though, because we didn't need two sugar high 2-year-olds running around the house as they're not used to drinking sugary drinks. Anyway, looks like I will be using the result of Steve's accidental and rather impulsive shopping pretty often. =)

Sparkling mint limeade

Ingredients :

1 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice(10-13 limes)
5-6 cups sparkling water(depending on how strong you want it)

Mint simple syrup
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 packed cup mint

Directions :

1. In a small sauce pot, add mint simple syrup ingredients and heat until sugar's dissolved. Let it cool to room temperature and discard mint. 
2. Juice the lime and add mint simple syrup. Add sparkling water. Serve it over plenty of ice.


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