Friday, August 1, 2014

Bacon wrapped figs


Recently, we had some guys working on something in the house and the work continued till when I had to prepare dinner. I initially had a grand plan of trying new recipes but with my tot being curious and looking for a chance to go over to the guys to be nosy and the dog barking endlessly at the guys, my head started to spin. I had to change my plan. 

Bacon! While it's cooking, dog will stay in the kitchen being all hopeful and that will quiet her down and I can keep my eyes on my tot far enough from poor guys. Seriously, this dog doesn't stop barking until the moment strangers leave the house no matter how hard I try to explain to her that them in the house is OK but her endless barking is not. Lol (But really, I am not laughing, argh!)

I usually make this for a snack or appetizer but that day, I just threw them on top of some pasta with pesto. A few drops of balsamic with these bites and pesto together was totally delicious. And barking did stop as I gave her a tiniest piece of bacon to give her hopes to stay near us until the guys were gone. 

Bacon wrapped figs

Ingredients :

1 package fresh figs(8oz, about 8 figs)
6-8 strips bacon(depending on how many figs you have)
cheese to sprinkle(optional)
fresh ground pepper

Directions :

1. Preheat the oven to 425F. 

2. Cut the figs in half. Cut each bacon strips into three pieces. 

3. Wrap each cut fig with a piece of bacon. Place where two bacon ends meet as the bottom and bake for 12-15 minutes. - This way, you won't need a toothpick to secure.

4. Cool for a few minutes and sprinkle pepper and cheese if desired. Serve.

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